Aspen Online Deployment

Aspen Online Deployment 25.0

Aspen Online Deployment enables the use of models in plant operations

Aspen Online Deployment enables the use of models in plant operations for a wide range of real-time process monitoring, soft sensor, and operator advisory applications. Models are executed on a periodic schedule using conditioned on-line plant measurements. Model predictions are published to the historian to populate operator displays, or tracked for trend analysis.

Integrated with AspenTech’s aspenONE Process Engineering applications: Ensures seamless compatibility with the Aspen Plus®, Aspen HYSYS®, and Aspen Custom Modeler® families of products.
Automatic periodic execution: Executes steady-state process models without any programming.
Built-in data conditioning and steady-state detection: Ensures model predictions are based on reasonable inputs.
Easy links to model variables: Uses a simple copy/paste workflow to create links to process model variables. The variables can also be imported directly from Aspen Simulation Workbook™.
Easy links to plant data tags: Browse tags from any OPC, CIM-IO, or Aspen Process DataTM server; create links by dragging and dropping tags onto model variables.
Compatible with Aspen Process Data clients: Integrates with products such as Aspen Process Explorer and Aspen Web.21; enables customers to monitor and analyze online model predictions and from the desktop or custom web pages.
Aspen Production Control Web Server: Monitors the application through a prepackaged web interface.

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